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Reference Guides


Below are various guides that cover anything from LaTeX typesetting to documents on basic econometrics. 

Learning LaTeX:

For those just starting out with LaTeX I recommend watching Michelle Krummel's videos on YouTube. They can be found by CLICKING HERE.

She provides very good and clear instructions. 


These are links to annotated and compiled files that explain how to create a bibliography using the typesetting program LaTeX.

Using Biblatex:

Click Here for APSR compiled

Click Here for APSR code


Click Here for AJPS compiled

Click Here for AJPS code


Click Here for JOP compiled

Click Here for JOP code

Learning Stata:

Here are some files that contain code for use with Stata. 


Basic Introduction to Stata: 

This document goes through some of the basics in Stata, ranging from sorting data to running regressions. Click Here


Rescaling Variables: 

Sometimes it is easier to rescale a variable to range from 0 to 1. This is a simple loop code that will do just that. Click Here

Creating a Master Bibliography in LaTeX 


For instructions on how to create a master bibliography in LaTeX please see the appendix to the Biblatex article. Below is the make-local-texmf application discussed in the appendix. 

Introductory Econometrics: 

Here are some files that are useful for the study of econometrics. 


Labeled Stata Regression Output


Interpreting Coefficients


Guide to Basic Econometrics


For wonderful videos explaining various topics in econometrics, visit Prof. Justin Esarey's YouTube page by CLICKING HERE.

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