I was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lehigh University.  Before my stint in academia, I worked as the program officer for the Anxieties of Democracy program at the Social Science Research Council. Prior to joining the Council, I was an applied research statistician at Harvard Law School, providing research support for faculty and administrators. 

I received my doctorate in political science from The George Washington University, focusing on American politics. 


My research and teaching interests focused on state judiciaries and how modes of selection structure both judicial behavior and institutional interactions. 


I have taught introductory American government a undergraduate courses on judicial politics and process as well as graduate methodology courses. When not researching, writing, or teaching, I can be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes or out on the bike trail.  

On the right, you can see me with my older two children at a time when I (briefly) decided to sport a moustache. No one on the family supported this decision. To my chagrin, the moustache has been removed. 



Judicial Decision-Making

Exploring the unique state-level factors that influence judicial behavior

2013 - 2018

The George Washington University

Ph.D., Political Science

Inter-Institutional Interactions

Researching how interactions with co-branches of the government determine the design of the judiciary

Selecting Judges

Examining how judicial selection mechanisms influence behavior on the bench

2005 - 2009

Clark University

B.A., Government and International Relations

2013 - 2016

The George Washington University

M.A., Political Science